Utilities and Power Management:

Utilities and Power Management
Utilities are structures or machines that may be assembled by the player anywhere in the game world, as long as the player
has the required blueprint, raw materials and knowledge.  Simple utilities include doors and storage lockers.  A power
distribution unit, or PDU, is effectively a large battery, which provides power for other utilities.  A refinery requires power
and is used to separate raw ore into its constituent elements; and a foundry is used to forge the elements into stock parts
like plates, bars and wire.  Blueprints for utilities may be purchased from vendors, but they can also be invented as the
player gains knowledge.

Power Management
Power management will be a critical game aspect. Most of the utilities in the game require electrical power, and as you
build up bases on asteroids, moons and planets, power consumption will increase. The primary power supply is the PDU -
or power distribution unit, which is essentially a large, re-chargeable battery.  Power is delivered to other utilities and
components, such as lights, doors, computer terminals and refineries, by connecting circuits using "power truss." Power
truss has all the properties of regular (structural) truss, but also has an integrated conduit. The conduit provides a
connection path for circuits as well as fuel lines for space ships and landing pods.
PDUs have a "load limit." As you add more components, such as lights, to a single circuit, you will eventually experience a
"brown out," when the power demand is equal to the maximum power supply, and a "black out" when demand exceeds
supply.  PDUs will eventually be drained of power and will require either battery replacement, or re-charging. PDUs may be
re-charged by attaching solar panels to the circuit.  Solar panels, of course, require ample sunlight. Hence alternate power
generation technology is needed in subterranean locations as well as interplanetary locations that are far from Epi Eri's
central star.