Hybrid Poly-Voxel 3D rendering
Hadron's Forge uses a unique voxel-poly hybrid game engine that provides a high level of detail to terrain elements, but also
accommodates fractal terrain variation.  The game designers can procedurally generate rocky asteroids, crater-pocked
moonscapes, ice planets, and many other points of interest in the Epsilon Eridani star system, and then add "hand-built"
structures at specific locations such as mining stations and ancient alien ruins.

The terrain is completely "mineable," but certain terrain types will require advanced mining technology and expertise to
excavate.  There is no limit to mining on an asteroid. Players can start mining on one side of an asteroid and dig a tunnel all
the way through.  Moons and planets have no height or depth limits to construction and mining. Players may continue to mine
downward as far as they desire, however, the terrain will progressively get more difficult to mine, and will eventually become