Back Story
Epsilon Eridani
The story of Hadron's Forge takes place in Epsilon Eridani, which is an actual star system, about 10.5 light years from Earth,
in the constellation Eridanus ("The River"). We will make every effort to incorporate the latest astronomical knowledge of
Epsilon Eridani into the game. For instance, astronomers have found evidence that suggests two asteroid belts and a gas
giant planet, about 1.5 times the mass of Jupiter, exist in Epsilon Eridani. But, of course, there are resolution limits to current
telescopic observations, so there are likely many smaller celestial bodies, such as asteroids, moons and planets that
populate the system. Hence, we will invoke "creative license" to add more points of interest in the game.

Points of interest
Alpha Station - the primary hub of commerce in Epsilon Eridani controlled by the Universal Mining Corporation (UMC).
Zeta Station - The newest outpost established by the UMC in The Shallows. Thurbert Hortile is the station manager.
The Shallows - the inner band of asteroids and small planetoids closest to Ep Eri’s central star. 
Hatsezi - Gas giant planet in Ep Eri system, approximately 1.5X the mass of Jupiter.
The Tricornes - Hatsezi has a trio of primary moons called the Tricornes: Pithe, Fez and Stetson.
Tora Bore - an odd toroid shaped asteroid in Ep Eri’s B-band, which confounds scientists. Radioactive dating suggests that
it existed BEFORE the Epsilon Eridani star system formed.
Kamp’s Companion - Another astronomical oddity, the smallest brown dwarf yet discovered. It orbits at 32 AU in the far
reaches of Ep Eri system.