Mining and the Periodic Table of the Elements (PTE):

Resource Gathering
Mining is the base resource harvesting method in Hadron’s Forge.  Nearly everything in the game is designed to be
harvested, whether by mining the landscape, repairing found items or re-purposing the materials from defunct machines or
crashed space craft.  Every resource has value, and can be used to create something else.

However, mining planets and asteroids will be your primary method of resource gathering.  All of the raw resources you
mine can be processed in a refinery, which breaks down raw ore into base elements that are then stored as refined
materials in the periodic table inventory.

An individual block of ore may not always give you a single resource, or even the same quantity of that resource.  The
details of resource recovery and game balance are still a work in progress, but as an example, mining a single cube of
Moon Rock may yield:

10 units of silicon, 3 units of iron, and 1 unit of aluminum. 
But later in the game, when your mining skills are far superior, you may get:
18.5 units of silicon, 4.1 units of Iron, and 2.25 units of aluminum and 0.25 units of gold.
A single cube of raw ore may contain up to 100 units of recoverable resources.

Periodic Table of the Elements (PTE)
The PTE is your basic list of every usable element in the game.  Raw materials can be refined down to “Base Elements”
which will be stored in the PTE inventory.  And as in real science, if you want to create (or craft) an item, you must know the
base elements that constitute that item, and then research or learn the recipe, which will give you the required crafting

Understanding what it takes to make any given item will give you power in Hadron’s Forge, and we have endeavored to
accurately portray what it would actually require to construct an item in real life.  So, if all else fails you can just research
what it would take in real life to make any given item and that should give you a clue to what you need when you mine.
PTE Basics and more...
While all the elements in the periodic table are well-
established in modern chemistry, recent leaks from the
top-secret UMC research lab on Alpha Station have led
to spreading rumors of a previously unknown primordial
material with unimaginable properties. Dubbed
“paradoxium,” no one knows how to harvest it or use it
safely, but it seems to be linked to the ancient Eridanian
ruins that are hidden throughout the star system.