Knowledge and TechTree:

Player knowledge consists of several disciplines such as Mining, Building, Electronics, Navigation and Chemistry.  Player
knowledge affects everything in the game.  As Mining Knowledge increases, mining speed and efficiency improve
(efficiency is the amount of ore gained per mining operation).  Everything you learn effects what you can do and build.
The learning curve in Hadron’s Forge follows a simple exponential growth path. The first time a player mines a particular
type of ore they gain 1 Mining knowledge point. Then they gain additional mining points when they reach milestones at
2,4,8,16,32,… iterations of the mining the same ore type.

Nearly everything in Hadron’s Forge has an upgrade path according to the Tech Tree. For instance, the most fundamental
ship building component is truss. The lowest tech level truss is made from aluminum. Once the player has achieved
sufficient Mining and Chemistry knowledge, they may fabricate Alloy Truss, which is lighter and stronger then basic
Aluminum Truss. Then eventually Composite Truss which is even lighter and stronger than Alloy Truss. Every item that may
be improved will have at least three levels of upgrades.