Hadron’s Forge is a first-person sci-fi role playing game set in a dynamic, procedurally generated universe.   You can choose
to engage in a chapter based storyline, or strike out on your own to explore an entire star system.  Gain knowledge and skills
as you progress through a rich tech-tree.  Virtually everything in the game is craftable.  Fill a periodic table inventory as you
mine ore and refine it down to its base elements.  Forge parts and items from pure metals, alloys, glass, carbon composites,
advanced nanostructures and other materials.  Build a base on an asteroid, moon or planet using truss, plates and “utilities.”
- Knowledge and Tech Tree:
      - Knowledge is Power! In real-life and in Hadron’s Forge!.

- Mining and the PTE:
      - With a Periodic Table of Elements in your inventory,
        the crafting possibilities are endless!

- Item Crafting:
      - Customize items with unique abilities!

- Utilities and Power Management:
      - Use solar panels and batteries to keep your power hungry utilities
        and space ships humming!

- Robotics:
      - Fabricate a small army of robots to do all the dangerous work of scouting,
        mining asteroids, building bases and star ships and defending your assets!

- Game Modes:
      - Play through the Story Mode campaign, then treat yourself to progressively more challenging Survival scenarios!

- Story Background:
      - Hadron’s Forge takes you 10.5 light years to the relatively nascent star system of Epsilon Eridani,
        where an ancient advanced civilization mysteriously vanished leaving behind tantalizing clues of powerful technologies.

- Game Technology:
      - A new hybrid voxel-poly approach to generating sandbox terrain!