Game Modes
There will be several modes of game play: Story Mode, Survival Mode, Sandbox Mode, and multi-player cooperative and
competitive modes.
Story Mode
The player takes on the role of a “Tele-op”, or tele-robotic operator.  Tele-ops control robotic assets via a haptic control
interface.  Tele-ops remain safe inside a pressurized asteroid base, mining pod or spacecraft, and send robots outside to
scout, mine, build, repair and defend.  The player gains knowledge, skills, blueprints and “unis” (or universal credits) as they
explore, harvest resources, manufacture items and trade with NPCs.  The story will play out in a chapter-based format;
where certain game events will trigger the start and end of each chapter.
Survival Mode
Single player Survival Mode provides opportunities for players to hone their skills in short-duration challenges that happen
outside of the Story Mode campaign. For instance, the player may find themselves trapped in a Mining Pod on an asteroid
or planet surface and they must use their skills to gather resources and power supplies to maintain life-support and escape!
Sandbox Mode
As the player progresses through story mode, they will gain knowledge and achievements.  Achievements will unlock
capabilities that are then available in Sandbox Mode.  For instance, once the player has mined a sufficient number of moon
rock terrain cubes in Story Mode, they will be able to drop moon rock cubes in Sandbox Mode.  Additionally, once they
acquire the appropriate blueprints, they will be able to place utilities in sandbox mode.  Once you have attained an
achievement in story mode, you can drop or assemble those items in sandbox mode.
As the player gains achievements in story mode, they will gain additional terrain types to choose from to start a sandbox
game.  For instance, in the beginning, the player may only have access to small asteroid maps.  Later, they will gain access
to medium, large and huge asteroids, as well as bore-hole maps and moon and planet surface maps.
Players will be able to host multi-player servers for collaborative sandbox play.  When a player joins a server game, they will
bring whatever knowledge and skills that they learned from their own Story Mode play-through.  Additionally, you will be able
to create a world in sandbox mode, save it, and share it with friends.

Multi-Player Challenge Modes
There will be several multi-player challenge modes available.  For instance, a one-on-one asteroid challenge might involve
two players starting off in mining pods on the opposite sides of an asteroid.  The goal could be peaceful - find and mine as
much as possible of a given resource, or destructive - take out the other players mining pod.  The players will send out
robots to mine resources, build manufacturing bases and fabricate weapons in order to defeat the other player.