Machines and Item Crafting:

Refinery and Foundry
Ore recovered from mining activities is not usable in the raw state. It must be processed using a refinery. A refinery is a
utility that breaks down raw ore into its base chemical elements. When you activate a refinery, you will see a periodic table
inventory showing the quantity of each element that has been processed. The refinery allows you to fabricate pure element
stock parts, such as aluminum bars and plates, copper wire and silicon ingots.
The foundry is a utility upgrade for the refinery, and must be attached directly to the side of a refinery. The foundry provides
access to advanced materials, such as metal alloys, carbon fiber, and composites. The refinery and foundry work together
to fabricate advanced stock parts that require multiple chemical ingredients.

Everything you learn effects what you can craft and construct.  Just because you have the ability to craft an item does not
mean the item will be usable.  The more you (successfully) craft items or build structures, the higher the quality.   As you gain
knowledge points in different skills, more items and utilities will become available to craft and construct. You start off the
game with basically nothing, and will eventually find yourself at the helm of your own star ship, where each piece of the ship
was mined, refined, forged and crafted!